Szimpla Kert


PSGT is an experimental musical harmony, the collaboration of Ákos Nagy and István Rimóczi. On  one hand it is based on electronics, digital and analog soundsources, on the other hand it involves wooden drums, aluminium pieces, industrial steel objects, plastic tubes and springs as they are searching for the way the can be connected to each other. VST plugins,ghetto-marimbula, tube-saxophone, spring-tremolos and “hordonka” try to evoke the subtile contents that live across determination, thinking and traditions. They try to create sound-processes not from musical intentions. .

So what is all this? It is something empirical. It is to go away, explore, explore some more, to sit, to sit some more, to sit for months in silence and to just listen. And then to work with sounds every day, with countless sounds. It is not about creation but noticing and letting it speak – the facilitation of speech. To treat sounds as equals – and to be rewarded in return.

 If I don’t move, I create silence; if I move, I create sound. The quality of sound is determined by the movement, but what determines the quality of the movement? We try to locate the sound that is already there, and we try to make it audible. Music here is not a tool nor a goal, but a necessity.

 Is music independent from the substance that creates it? Can music be beautiful when it is created with a tool that was even yesterday a furniture or an everyday object? Would you be surprised if I told you that already centuries ago Athanasius Kircher, a jesuit priest, Arcimboldo and Leonardo have experimented with machines and machine-music?


  • Ákos Nagy: J’écoute les sons étouffés dans la pluie (2017)
  • Ákos Nagy: In dem Nebel (2017)
  • Ákos Nagy: Recitazioni (2014)


  • István Rimóczi - objects
  • Ákos Nagy - electronics